Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Holy Bacon on a Stick, Batman! We're going to miss the Minnesota State Fair!
That's right. I have to miss the state fair. Though, to be honest, the last time I went to the state fair I got a caramel apple. And it wasn't on a stick. As Minnesotans know, one of the biggest attractions of the state fair is that all your food comes on a stick. There's no other time where you can eat deep fried macaroni and cheese on a stick or a deep fried twinkie on a stick, so you can imagine my disappointment when my caramel apple was in a bowl.
The last blog I didn't delete I was considering moving to China. I am not going to China anymore, but happily staying in Florida. Also, I have a dog now. Her name is Lady Jane and she's licking the couch. In addition, I am no longer at the kosher restaurant, but at a surf and turf restaurant which is about four stars better than the last one.
I think my foot is breaking. I have incredibly high arches, so high that no arch support comes close to being supportive. Thusly, I think my bones are collapsing in on themselves. It's a little painful. Also, the boyfriend thinks I'm ridiculous that I think my feet are collapsing. But what'll you all say when I have flat feet?
There isn't much else to mention in the world of Dani. I have a gooseberry crumble in the oven that I have to attend to. The fun never ends.

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